Effective leadership and entrepreneurial spirit development through B schools in Kolkata

There is a famous saying that leaders are born and not made. I do not differ by the statement, but in the present context proper managerial and administration training can even build a great leader. B schools in Kolkata are founded on grounds of making business and management education thoroughly grounded on the principles of great visionary business leaders. The principles of making an organization achieve creative and commercial excellence can be learnt only through proper mixture of theory and practice. The journey of Mr. Saurabh Govil is also of same kind in this manner. His curious knowledge blend of business and technology has made him take Wipro reach a new level of excellence.  B schools in Kolkata focuses on making students learn the intricacies of managing an organization in such a manner where management and employee work jointly to create an outstanding organization.  Regarding the interesting corporate journey of Mr. Sourabh Govil it can be said that he has aptly used his common sense and managerial skills to make the human resource of Wipro the very best in the world.

Saurabh Govil is the president and chief human resource manager at Wipro Ltd and is also a member of the management team. BBA colleges in Kolkata admission have been able to play a great role in deciphering the recipe of a successful management professional who is successful in both theory and practice. In this particular role he leads all human resource function for Wipro and directly reports to the CEO. Sourabh have been responsible for talent acquisition, talent engagement and learning- development initiatives across Wipro ltd. He has been instrumental in improving processes and introduced many initiatives. Mr Saurabh had also played a great role in Wipros transformational journey and shaped the organization for a massive growth.


Inspirational journey of  Mr Saurabh Govil in Wipro


Mr Saurabh Govil joined Wipro in May 2009 and has been associated with the profession of human resource management for over two decades. He has even worked for two mega organizations such as ITC and GE.  Mr. Govil started his fascinating career at ITC and spent 12 years covering a variety of management roles. He even went to become the human resource head for the tobacco division with the responsibility of all its manufacturing facilities. In 2001 he left ITC to join GE and spent eight years in varied roles with them. BBA colleges in Kolkata admission help the students to master the applied aspects of business and commerce through Mreffective learning of management and administration issues.  Regarding academic qualifications, Saurabh is an alumnus of XLRI  Jameshedpur where he completed his masters in human resource management. He is also holding the prestigious position of being in the advisory board of SHRM  India. He has also been a regular speaker at Hr summit of NASSCOM.  He even has played the role of contributing to NHRDN journal as an author.

B schools in Kolkata are focused  in making students learn the basic strategies of managing a business enterprise both from the technical and administrative angle. This in turn helps the organizations of tomorrow to get a better work force who could meet the challenges of reality with strong business and technical acumen. The courses are also designed on the basis of inspirational case studies like that of  Mr. Govil who through his managerial skills has been able to make it big in the corporate and top management world.


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