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Inspirational people change the very thought process and lifestyle of an individual as well as of a society. Nanadita Gurjar is one such inspirational lady whose story of success took Infosys to a new level of excellence. Nandita joined Infosys in 1999 and founded the learning and development unit for implementing learning and training effectiveness.BBA colleges in Kolkata admission focuses on making students understand the principles of managerial dynamics in current business and socio economic environment. She even set benchmarks for growth and developments of this esteem organization. Nandita Gurjar entered into the challenging world of human resource management with the profile of head of hr at Infosys BPO. She was even instrumental in scaling up the human resource development department as the business of this group grew.  From the perspective of academic education, she holds a degree in literature from Nizam college in Hyderabad.

She is even having masters in psychology from Osmania university. She is even responsible for introducing the learning and development wing at Infosys. Under her able leadership, Infosys added 27000 employees to its base of more than one lakh employees last year. The company has undoubtedly some of the best hr practices in the industry which include performance driven compensation and benefits for women employees.BBA Kolkata program equips the budding students of business management the principles followed  by this great lady to make human resource aptly used in the management framework

Nandita Gurjars spirit of continuous learning

Nandita Gurjars success story can be attributing to her mentality of continued learning even being in the top post of managerial hierarchy.  She has always been able to manage the expectations of vast amount of employees and build the Infosys brand globally. BBA colleges in Kolkata admission is focused on making the budding management and business administration professionals the importance of comprehensive and continued learning even when working in corporate framework. Nanadita Gurjar is also memorable in the history of Infosys hierarchy due to her specialized policy for working women having children below the age of three.  She has even decided to implement this very policy for men also. Her tip for all women executives is also very remarkable where she is commenting that women employees should know when to say no and when to switch off in order to stay productive. BBA Kolkata curriculum is designed in such a manner to create visionaries like Ms Gurjar who are responsible for revolutionizing the entire though process of running an enterprise successfully both from the aspect of profit and goodwill. She has also been head of education and research at Infosys BPO. In this particular profile she has been able to make this enterprise a constantly learning organization. Ms Gurjar has also held the mandate of building internal capabilities for current and emerging technologies as well as for domain and workforce landscape in Infosys. She has also implemented learning as a competitive advantage for an enterprise. This learning not only includes theoretical principles of management and technology but also of its practice in actual reality.

BBA Kolkata program is designed in such a manner so that the students can learn about the inspirational story of Ms Nandita Gurjar and can understand the application of human capital in an actual working setup. The Journey of Ms Gurjar is really a matter of inspiration for anybody entering the challenging world of managing business and organization in contemporary setup.


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