Top Digital Marketing Tricks That Can Upscale a Business

One cannot conjure the idea to survive in today’s industry without Digital Marketing to backup as well as lead the frontiers of their brand and product. The conventional forms of media and marketing which used to rule the business world till the early part of 21st century  has now lost relevance due to faster and smarter forms of mediums which can make a content go viral and the product known among the masses beyond the geographical boundaries.

The world in the next 10-20 years is going to see the growth of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, AI and Smart technology. So those who are not up to date with realities of the day like use of latest features in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat for marketing and branding their business will not be able to ride the growth of the next era.

Understanding the nuances of SEO and SMM and recruiting the SEO and SMM experts are vital keys to today’s business development. While websites and web pages integrates and lays the foundation for your digital existence the role of social media is gaining increasing importance every year.

The role of apps and AI in helping your customer is becoming important, as instant communication over digital platforms has become the trend in the last decade. We are also always looking out for avenues where we as customers can see and experience the product firsthand sitting at our locations before spending money. It started with online reviews but you now have video reviews from Vloggers as well. The dynamics is always moving towards experiential and instant communication. As Gary Vaynerchuk (an American serial entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internationally recognized internet personality) puts it,   “the mobile phone has become today’s television” so the primary platform is to market the product is not the TV or radio but it is the mobile phone.

In an era of Millennials meet Gen Z, one global financial recession already gone, another one possibly coming and the biggest investors deploying their resources in Social Media and gadget brands, everyone is looking for an ROI in the most organic way possible. The Web 2.0 revolutionized everything and changed the game for all industries. Most youngsters today want to become entrepreneurs and social influencers and their biggest tool is the internet. In India, the online shopping industries today which began as startups are leaders in their market.

The digital experiences in 2017 has spread across – Integrated Planning, Digital Campaigns, Adwords Search (Paid), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing (Marketing Automation) and much more. The digital marketing tricks can be enhanced with – Knowledge of Big Data marketing applications and customer insights.



Online ads is the biggest Social Media platform, internet has captured the attention of the majority due to its virtues which include massive accessibility and immediacy. So attention is of the essence and time is one of the greatest assets that the internet is helping to save. The use of Hashtags and Direct Messaging at a massive level is gaining importance when it comes to reaching out to the mass and the TG.

One word of caution for the aspirants of Digital Marketing, especially in the startup arena – by being impractical, not considering the market situations and depleting a limited capital you will not only go through short lived Digital Marketing days but also ruin your product image and goals.  So without considering the world of investment, the investors and stakes do not plunge into establishment of product and organic marketing.

B2B businesses are taking place mainly via Digital marketing today when it comes to PR, Ads and getting clients. The current state of the internet ecosystem demands from aspirants not only a sound knowledge but above all – execution.  The 1% who go ahead and take action to build their brand over a period of time should be daring enough to use Digital marketing in its fullest potential.  Having said that in our era it is much easier to build brands than before because of the internet. You can work from 9-5, yet over the weekend and at home you can build your personal brand just via the internet.  We recommend execution and the optimum usage of all the major platforms, daily research of all top Apps and substantial content to survive in the swarm of Digital Marketing world before you move towards leadership.


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