Benefits Of Participating In International Event While Studying M.Sc In Media Science

Whoever said that getting a mere degree from a somewhat reputed college would fetch you jobs galore stands absolutely wrong. And you might argue saying that you are the topper and have performed consistently well. So what? Is there anything else that you’ve supplemented your degree with? If no, then there’s little chance of making it big in a world that believes in moving at a break-neck speed and entering into a competition that gets fierce by the day.

As we all know, the world is getting smaller- if not in size, definitely by the way we communicate and interact with others. So, it is not uncommon finding students and professionals attending international workshops, seminars, conferences and meets over Skype session or some who actually visit countries themselves to be a part of the broader cultural exchange. Thanks to the ‘phenomenal and unprecedented explosion’ in media and communication technology that has obscure the boundaries prevalent among nations and the global community hence works as a unified whole.

Talk about the major mass media institutes of Kolkata and they will tell you how it has become mandatory to introduce these international events and programs in their plush campuses or arrange for session with international stalwarts via social media channels to benefit students to the utmost. And why just students? Research scholars and mentors are equally grateful to the management for bringing about such radical changes in the mass communication studies scenario.

It is the creativity and urge to prove one’s might that most students pursuing mass communication can relate to. So even when they know that entry level jobs may not be high paying, it is the satisfaction in attending these much-sought after sessions that keeps them going. While outsiders are often charged a hefty fee upon registration, the real advantage is reaped in by member students or those undergoing internships besides the regular classes.

To be frank, there are no preparation strategies or magic formulae that work good for M.Sc. media science students. In order to make a great career in this field, there’s a requirement for those who can take up challenges. And that’s best accomplished when practical discourses are attended, out of which international programs occupy the top slot. In fact, a number of students actually say how these programs altered their mindsets and brought about revolutionary changes in their home countries, simply by the way they implement work tactics and lessons learnt in these events. Now no one can deny that cross-cultural skills are requisites in a globalized world!

By attending these events and sessions, students often establish good friendships with companions of their ages, but belong to other nations. So when they discuss problems, solutions come up. Development of soft skills is tremendous. Most importantly, the self-awareness and cultural values they gain and share with each other stays lifelong that affects the future career too, of course in a positive way.

Visit a media college Kolkata and ask for these options before you give the final nod.

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