Benefits of joining Visual Media- Story of Vikram Chandra

Just by joining visual media you will not get benefits you are seeking, this is a challenging field made for the ones who know how to take risks and face failures.  Having said that you have to be good with what you are doing and over the years you will get to the point where you want to be.

Let’s look at the career of Vikram Chandra, the consulting editor of NDTV. He was the CEO of NDTV Group from 2011-2016 and is also known to be one of the top journalists in India today. He has also been the host of Gadget Guru and The Big Fight. So as you can observe, multi-tasking abilities and having awareness for the opportunities is a big requisite for reaping benefits of your presence in the world of Visual Media. Mr. Chandra studied at Oxford on an Inlaks Scholarship and also studies Mass Media at Stanford University for a three month period.

He began his career in television in 1991 with a TV news magazine called Newstrack. After 26 years of a consistent willpower the man becomes a legend in his industry so have patience. It takes time to become what you want to be.

He has been with New Delhi Television Limited and during this time he worked on prime time 9’0 Clock News and Gadget Guru which was a review show about new technologies. He is best known for his award winning anchor position on The Big Fight which was one of India’s top rated talk and current affairs shows. Mr. Chandra was appointed the head of NDTV Profit, India’s leading English-language business channel. He was named CEO of NDTV Networks and is also currently the CEO of NDTV Group, a member of NDTV Board. Mr. Chandra’s first work of fiction, the thriller The Srinagar Conspiracy, was published in 2000 and became a best seller. I

In Kashmir, Chandra was one of the most active reporters on war

  • He shot exclusive footages of army camps in Siachen
  • He reported on the Kargil War with exhaustive details from the location.


In visual media, you might often get once in a lifetime opportunity like Vikram Chandra got, to cover the issues in Kashmir.


Chandra has interviewed King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Bill Gates, Shimon Peres, Rupert Murdoch, Tim Cook and many others.  He has also been active on campaigns like Greenathon and Save Our Tigers.  When you join the Visual Media the amount of networking you do opens gates for you to actively participate in social campaigns and meet people who you never dreamt of meeting.


And of course, your contribution to the industry is rewarded in due time. Chandra has received awards like Global Leader for Tomorrow, Young Global Leader, The Hero Honda Indian Television Academy, and Teacher’s Achievement Award for Communication.    


Understanding the market trends is important along with the determination to make a mark in the visual media industry. If you have are in the visual media industry the benefits will come along with your willpower, activism and determination. Vikram Chandra stands as a classic example.

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