The Benefits of Learning Management – Learn From Path of Ratan Tata


“ I do not take right decision, I take decisions and them make them right.” – Ratan Tata


You can start from scratch and build an empire if you learn and understand management. Ratan Tata is one of the greatest Indian businessmen who had journeyed through the path of life into building one of the biggest business empires of India. Born to JRD Tata and named after his grandfather, Ratan Tata was the Chairman of Tata Group from 1991-2012.  His parents separated when he was just seven but he and his siblings were raised by their grandmother Lady Navajbai Tata in Mumbai. Ratan Tata started his career in 1960 with Tata Group.

Instead of getting into Ratan Tata’s life history which you will find anywhere online let us recommend that if you want to succeed badly, management is one of the major tools in your inventory that will take you forward.  Now, Tata had many factors supporting him like family legacy and an established business but we cannot help but mention, taking it to great heights and maintaining the standards of a legacy in the face of adversities and changing tides of time requires management skills of extraordinary standards and RatanTata is an example of that.

After completion of his years in schools he went to study in Cornell University where he got a BS degree in architecture and structural engineering.  Following this he also went to Harvard Business School for a degree in Advanced Management Program.  With merit and hard work crafting his academic life he began working in Tata Steel and gradually rose into the ranks to become chairman of Tata Group.

With outstanding leadership qualities he transformed Tata Group into a respected global brand. During his years as a chairman acquisitions by Tata Group increased and the famous TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) was formed under his supervision.

Tata Nano and Tata Indica were launched under his leadership with Nano making a mark as the cheapest car in the world. After Tata’s resignation on his 75th birthday his responsibilities were transferred to Cyrus Mistry son of Palonji Mistry and M.D of ShapoorjiPalonji Group in 2012.

If you are pursuing BBA in Kolkata, then the B Schools in Kolkata will lay the foundations for skills required to succeed in management. Application of those theories into practice is a process which has to be executed by you.  If you are looking for BBA in Kolkata then look for institutions which leads through examples and helps to integrate the same values which legends like Ratan Tata had in themselves.

As a student of management it is very important that you learn the lesson of taking risks and having a 360 degree view of management from the life of Ratan Tata. It is not easy to supervise multiple ventures with chances of flaws, rejections, resistance, hostilities and many other adversities crumbling upon the dreams of individuals but great leaders know how to bend and also soar high with their people.


Ratan Tata was a member of the Prime Minister’s Council in Trade and Industry. Rata Tata is also a director on the board of Alcoa Inc. and winner of many awards.  When through management you succeed in achieving your goals awards and recognitions start flowing into your life, there is no need to focus on the results and recognitions, leadership and management skills over the years brings those results. Even if it means getting the prestigious Padma Vibhushan like Ratan Tata did in 2008.

Also, you cannot please everyone, learn to understand what is important and if you are going in the right direction then it might be that many are not happy with your decisions but in the world of management appeasing everyone is a strict no-no.  “I may have hurt some people along the way, but I would like to be seen as somebody who has done his best to do the right thing for any situation and not compromised,” – Ratan Tata

Strategy is of utmost importance in business and so is the will to take risks.

Rata Tata stands as an example of substance legends are made of, are you?


Young entrepreneurs will make a difference in the Indian ecosystem.” – Ratan Tata


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