Which Institute Provides Me A Good Training For Managerial Skills In My BBA Course?


At the onset of your career in BBA course, there are different types of managerial skills one should learn whichinclude technical skills, human skills, soft skills and conceptual skills.

While doing a BBA one gets a sound knowledge about how to manage organizations, projects and initiatives as managers of business. The managers supervise teamwork and are also responsible for recruitment and training of workers.

However looking for an institute which provides a good training for managerial skills is not easy.   When you are opting for B Schools in Kolkata please delve deep into seeking managerial skills and not just theoretical knowledge. It is like swimming, you can read as many books as you can but at the end of the day you need to survive the water and learn to swim which can only be done with practical training.

Among many BBA colleges in Kolkata admissions of which take place with lots of students enrolling themselves in BBA course, iLEAD mentions the factor of good training for managerial skills that is provided to the student from the beginning. iLEAD believes that without a good training there’s no use of guaranteeing assistance for placement.

Coming to the point of what training iLEAD provides when it comes to managerial skills, one must take into account a fourfold approach of iLEAD – Seminars, Mega Events, Industry Visits, Earn While You Learn.

Some mega events like Managedia – one of the biggest inter-college indoor fests at iLEAD, organized by the iLEAD student-wing and iLEAD-O-Scope – A youth film competition andfestival – an attempt to tap into the creative energy of the youth helps the students learn firsthand how to manage people, time and everything that needs to be in place for the events ranging from sponsors to stage.

Some examples of seminars would be one on CSR in association with ICSI, Need for Technical Skills in Kids for Growth and Innovation, Seminar on Power of Digital Marketing in Collaboration with CMC. With these seminars the students are exposed to knowledge and lesson in managerial skills imparted by industry experts, they get their queries answered in interaction sessions too.

A great part of a BBA student’s life is visit to the industry. iLEAD BBA students have been taken for industry visits to Hindustan Coca Cola Beverage Private Limited, Bengal Beverages Pvt. Ltd and much more. When students visit the industries they get to know about how they work firsthand, production process, rules and guidelines.

Earn While You Learn – iLEAD offers a combination of studies and paid work. This helps the students to gather experience. A motivational factor added to the syllabus is the opportunity to gather firsthand experience via paid work through iLEAD. Students during the course have worked in establishments like National Film Development Corporation of India, The Government of West Bengal, India International Mega Trade Fair and much more. During these visits they get to know more about the process of managing businesses, organizations and performing multiple roles.

Apart from these, working on relevant projects for credit points adds up to acquiring management skills. For BBA students it is better to be trained in management skills apart from aiming to crack exams with theoretical knowledge.

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