Top 5 job opportunities after M.Sc. in Media Science course


While there’s no doubt that there has been massive and unprecedented development in the media industry, it’s also important to note that the discipline of mass communication or media science is still in its nascent stage. For pass outs, especially those who have completed their post-graduation or M.Sc. in Media Studies from mass communication colleges in Kolkata, there is no dearth of jobs in the media industry at present. The real challenge lies in being the best in this competitive field. And that can only happen when you figure out your skills that determine the right selection of job.

Here are 5 great job opportunities that passing out students of any reputed media school Kolkata can pursue:

Broadcast Journalist

The demand for this field is tremendous, even when there are opportunities galore in the world of digitalization. These journalists usually research, investigate and then present unique content meant for TV, radio and even the internet. Broadcast journalists can be reporter, editor, producer, correspondent or the presenter. Starting salary is good, but depends considerably on the employer and willingness to work in the oddest hours.

Media Planner

Superb communication skills and an expertise in handling commercial matters are musts when it comes to this profession. In order to advertise a client’s product or brand, it is important to identify the best platforms. These people typically work under ad agencies or the planning and buying firms. Given how strategy building is a significant aspect of their job, it is advisable to begin as an intern. Hence, the starting salary is a tad lower but once adeptness comes in, there’s no stopping from excelling in this field.


Creativity knows no bounds for a journo. So if you have set your eyes on being someone who speaks more via the pen, assess your organizational and research skills alongside the passion for written words. From lifestyle writers to those of novellas and non-fiction work, screenwriters and radio and TV script writers to content, the income generated from writing keeps bettering with time. One can diversify the writing skills and produce his or her work individually too, besides being employed in some firm. But remember the salary package is comparatively low as the competition is also lesser when compared to other industries.

Event manager

This is one field meant particularly for the motivated, outgoing, go-getter types who know how to multitask. So only a hands-on person who knows team collaboration and coordination among members are considered best fits for this work. From conferences to exhibitions, fairs and meets, music festivals to parties, weddings, product launches and more, an event manager has to do all. And salary? The more the experience, the better the package.

Social Media Manager

Till the time you get to the root of multimedia content, it is not possible to understand how to make a career in marketing here. From strategizing to producing plagiarism-free content, analysing data to checking on the kind of projects and campaigns undertaken for delivering high-end customer services, a social media manager’s job is diversified. Beginners can join a company as an assistant and then gain sufficient experience to witness more growth.

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