Is it important to look for internship in a good company for a BBA student?


First of all, let us put behind the bias that a good company will offer you all the experience needed as a fresher. But we must also mention that brand name and experience matters for an intern. It is important to know what type of internship opportunities a BBA student gets these days. Sales, Social Media Coordinators, Event Management, Business Development and Marketing are some of the popular roles available today in India to name a few.

As sales executives you will be one of the key points of contact between an organization and its clients. For sales executives, in terms of making money, the sky is the limit as all organizations seek skilled sales people who can take their company to great heights and bring revenue. Their work includes organizing sales visits, demonstrating and presenting products.

Social Media coordinator maintains a company’s online presence and works under the directives of the social media manager. A BBA student often with knowledge of social media marketing can get placed in good brands and the prospects in this field is huge.

If someone can crack the position of merchant acquisition then they should grab the opportunity.  It is a part of card payment transactions. Merchant Acquisition Executives act as a link between – merchants, issuers and payment networks, which provides authorization, dispute management and information to merchants.

Business Development is important for pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business and identifying markets for products and services. A business development manager can often be recruited in positions of Account Management or Pre Sales and the financial prospects in this field is high.

Numerous large scale corporate, government and private events happen in every city and to make an impression and create footfalls organizations need skilled Event Management teams and event managers. The role requires the event managers to create the perfect setting by thorough study of the brand, identifying the TG (target audience), design the event and the theme, and coordinate all the hard and soft materials along with the technical aspects for a successful event. Highly in demand and well paid this is one of the most sought after fields in the world of business today.

BBA graduates in Kolkata can look for these fields as many brands like Oyo Rooms, Cashify, Zotezo and Creative Communications are on the lookout for executives for such positions. iLEAD being one of the premiere BBA institute in Kolkata are offering its students assistance to go for internships in good companies. During recruitment it is not mandatory that you have an internship background in a well-known company but it does add a value to your CV but since there’s no guarantee that a good company will take you as an intern we recommend – apply everywhere, take the best of what you get and make the best of it.

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