Why consider joining BBA for a bright future ahead?


When it comes to making a career, students are usually the more confused lot (the other being their parents!). Despite an array of options available in present times, choosing the best and right one poses a tricky decision. After completing high school, most students complain about whether they would opt for the more traditional choices- Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce, Humanities or something more industry-oriented, like Media Science, Nutrition, BBA and so on. Talking about the latter, BBA has immense scope in terms of future prospects and definitely making money. As a management course, it is currently high in demand.

For a large section of the student population (specifically India), striking off hard core ‘tough’ subjects like science and mathematics is a relief. After all, carrying the baggage of difficult formulas, equations, pictorial representations, charts, statistical figures and the like is no doubt a hectic job. The course of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) incorporates hands-on learning and provides a student basic education in both business and management principles. Replete with management training that’s required on a day-to-day basis, students concentrate in multiple areas like accounting, computer information systems, real estate, finance, international business, organizational management, effective communication skills and several other aspects divided into modules, covered usually within a time period of 3-4 years.

If one compares BBA with mainstream courses like Bachelor of Commerce, it will be worthwhile knowing that the former is meant for someone who understands that management is the ultimate goal. B.Com or a specialization in Accountancy or Finance is somewhat broader in scope and can push a student to pursue a plethora of post graduate specializations. As much as it’s a boon, it can literally make a student distressed if he or she stays unaware of the ultimate goal in life. On the other hand, BBA graduates can only make it to MBA, which at the same time can be opted by B.Com students. So a serious thought is a must when it comes to selecting the career option.

Whether a student or parent; the determination and grit to pursue BBA are requisites before opting for this course as blindly following the herd will not reap in benefits. Thanks to the numerous B-schools and Management colleges throughout the country; all of which has paved a path for making a career in BBA and also MBA. The best of institutes usually gauge a prospective student’s mettle via an aptitude test, group discussions and personal interview. This usually helps them in checking on the nitty-gritty’s and thereby arrive at a decision about whether the student can make a proper career path of the course. Once a student enrols and takes admission in a top-rated institute, there are trained mentors and faculty members who make the learning process a rather easy one. Combined with that are frequent visits by business tycoons, management leaders and other industry experts at seminars, conferences and workshops that further help students attain the much needed professionalism to enter the highly competitive world.

So if you wish to make your entry into the corporate world in the best way possible, give a thought to BBA.

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