Factors to check before Joining BBA Course of a reputed Institute


If you have decided on pursuing a BBA course then one of the vital factors that will shape your future is the institute, its course curriculum and facilities. Top BBA colleges in Kolkata cannot be handpicked simply by an online search of rankings that can mislead you; instead one should delve deeper into the course curriculum by connecting with the institute and visiting their website. Someone with an MBA degree will always have an upper hand over a BBA student in the job market but a BBA course with rock solid foundations and abundant opportunities from a reputed college is also an attractive background for the recruiters. Any top BBA college in Kolkata will agree to that. In the light of the current industry trends BBA seekers will first go through the following steps to be smart and tech savvy before paying the fee and joining the course:

Know All Details About The Course Curriculum: This should follow the syllabus instructed by the university. For instance MAKAUT has crafted its own syllabus which any affiliated institute under it will strictly adhere to. The second priority should be – Industry Visits, Field Work, Seminars, Internships and Interactions with the Industry Experts. Without these value additions in the curriculum, it should be a strict no-no from the students looking for a BBA program.

Know About Placement Opportunities: Guaranteed Assistance is much more trustworthy than guaranteed placement. Nothing comes for free and no one can guarantee placement. If they do, take it with a pinch of salt. Think again.

Know About Entrance Tests: An institute that takes in students without exams and interviews has no quality filter. This equals to a sole financial transaction, no scholarship opportunities etc. If you want quality mentors and training then know that an institute with entrance tests has already started showing you signs of the same.

This brings us to iLEAD’s BBA course which of course comes with few advantages:

iLEAD offers additional and free of cost short term professional courses to upgrade you with extra skills. Example: Real Estate Management, Personality Development, Digital Marketing. This exclusivity distinguishes the institute from BBA colleges in Kolkata, admissions in which do not present you with such packages.

You can check the six semester course structure from this link: http://ilead.net.in/course.php?id=bba

Value Addition to University Degree: 

Along with a BBA,iLEAD also offers a Diploma. At least twice every month, experts from different fields are invited to deliver lectures at iLEAD.You can collect one credit point by imparting at least six hours of community service or being involved in co-curricular and extracurricular work. It is also compulsory for every student to take up at least one online course offered by Coursera. You will get two credit points on successful completion of one course.The diploma mentions the non-academic credit points accumulated by the student in the six semesters of the graduation programme.

A wise choice will help you reap the benefits in future so build a strong foundation for a lifetime of opportunities. At iLEAD, world class infrastructure, inspiring classrooms and spacious campus with weekly and monthly events are added facilities apart from the well-structured course curriculum.













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